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The US Economy was Hollow Shell without Basis

A wise FBI agent recently said, “disasters commonly reveal fraud and fraudsters”. Well, the US economy in both it’s prior glory and now its state of ruin, is no exception.

The truth is here. We have a huge poorly educated workforce built on a forgotten educational system and citizens that don’t want to work in our lowest paying jobs where immigrants used to thrive. Gone right now are all those great shipments of pre-manufactured or fully manufactured parts and/or wonderfully priced raw materials we sourced from China. The US doesn’t know how to manufacture anymore. You know it’s hard enough to bring a huge manufacturing plant online and getting everything and everyone working together, but to do that with people that have never or haven’t been in it for a while, nearly impossible in any reasonable time frame. So the US doesn’t suddenly start manufacturing.

China, believe it or not, oiled be the US’s first and/or only hope to restore normal lives. The US’s political position prior to the pandemic offered to the world consumers as its carrot, that “financial tool” is kinda fucked right now. China actually hold big cards.

I’d there us anyone that can figure this out in our whir house, it’s Steve Mnuchin. Trump took credit for his work his entire time in office. It’s a joke. Make Steve president and let Trump consume all the Hydroxyclorquine he bought until he chokes or goes into cardiac arrest.

Big mouths don’t run economies or countries, leaders do. Big leaders are modest because they know it’s the people behind them that make them great. Never in history have a seen an American president feverishly seek to insure all the credit goes to him for positive change and to AI quickly point finger at someone when anything bad happens. That’s a childhood response straight outta the playground.

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